Did My Idea Get Stolen? Focus on This Instead…

There’s a great guest post on John August’s blog called When You Think Someone Stole Your Idea.

Written by aspiring screenwriter Randall Girdner, it explores those sickening thoughts most of us have had at some point:

  • Did someone steal my idea?
  • Will someone steal my idea?

The post is an honest exploration of Randall’s situation, and includes a reply from John that is dead on in it’s accuracy and wisdom.

Ideas are Just That — Ideas

As most of you know, our main business is producing documentary and unscripted television.

We even set up a way for people to pitch reality TV, unscripted, and documentary concepts to us, and have 23 episodes and counting of a podcast dedicated to helping people do just that.

And a recurring theme in our podcast is … ideas are not enough.

One big idea is not enough.

A great idea is not enough.

Especially in unscripted television, where there is no script (at least, in the kind we make) — ideas are almost meaningless.

A Better Way to Protect Yourself

But there is a much better way to protect yourself than registering an idea or signing up for some online blah-blah whatever someone’s trying to sell you to protect your work today (in our humble, and certainly not legal, opinion.)

In fact, one way that trumps everything else.

It’s hard, and it takes a while, but it works.

Make yourself valuable.

What are we talking about? We discuss it all here, in episode 2 of our podcast:

Why Ideas Aren’t Enough.

Check it out when you get a sec, and start figuring our how to make yourself more valuable than any single idea.

Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne on A&E: Announcing Our New TV Series


Joke and Biagio with fellow executive producers Mary Jaras and Andrew Mayne on day 1 of our 9 week shoot. In case the title didn’t tip you off, Andrew also stars in our new A&E series Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne.

At Last – We Can Say Something

For months we’ve been hinting at our giant new series that we haven’t been able to talk about (though we constantly talk about not being able to talk about it on our podcast.)

Well, we can finally say what it is and where you can see it…though much will remain shrouded in mystery until our network executives turn us loose!

[Read more…]

Who Doesn’t Love Big Dorks and Indie Spirit?

Twitter has been good to us.

We’ve funded the release of a film, built an audience for our new podcast, and, most importantly, met many, many amazing people.

One of them is Nicholas Brandt, or Super Nick, as we’re fond of calling him.

A screenwriter, film lover, and all around amazing dude (who KNOWS how to rock a viking helmet) he epitomizes what Social Media can and should be about — meeting great people and sharing support when you can.

Well, Super Nick co-wrote a new movie that honestly looks terrific.

With great actors like Jim Belushi and Jennifer Tilly, awesome looking performances from the entire cast, and a trailer that ROCKS we just couldn’t help but post about it. Enjoy the trailer:

The movie hits theaters September 27 — but for a limited time you can also rent it on iTunes premium at this link:

The Secret Lives of Dorks

Congrats Nick! Be sure to follow him on Twitter.

The Ghost Inside My Child: Our Series Returns on BIO

This Monday, August 5th, our series The Ghost Inside My Child returns to Biography Channel.

This Show Came From One Of You

Originally pitched to us by Suzanne Stratford from Cleveland, this show is another example of people just like you who’ve brought your show ideas our way.

(MTV’s CAGED was another example.)

Let’s Make a Show Together

If you’d like to pitch to us, make sure to check out our podcast, aimed at helping you sell shows with us.

In the meantime, be sure to set your DVR’s for Monday night at 10pm — The Ghost Inside My Child on BIO.

Featured Kickstarter Project from David P. Baker

We have a special place in our heart for wild, ambitious indies.

People like David P. Baker, a fiery filmmaker from Scotland who lives his indie lifestyle with a reckless abandon that leaves us slack-jawed.

More than that, David is fiercely loyal to the indie filmmaking community.

In fact, we didn’t even realize he was running his Kickstarter campaign, because he was too busy tweeting out our new podcast about making unscripted television.

In the process of thanking him we realized he has launched one of the most crazily ambitious Kickstarter campaigns we’ve ever heard of:

Shoot-Post-Release a Film Every Month!

How can you not root for a guy trying to do that?

Long Time Fans

We got to know David back in 2009 when we ran this three part series of interviews on making and distributing films from his POV:

David is the kind of guy Kickstarter was invented for, and that’s why we happily backed his latest project. You can do the same at his Kickstarter page.