Tae Kwon Do Champ Sabrina Schmeck Speaks Out About Caged on MTV

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As you know if you hang around this blog, several years of working to bring our new doc series Caged to MTV is about to kick off in a big way. Caged officially premieres this Monday night, Januaray 9th at 10pm, 9 central.

MTVs Caged is set in the world of mixed-martial arts, following the lives, loves, and struggles of the young men and women in and around the fight world.

Once the Caged trailer hit, we were excited to learn that Sabrina Schmeck, Tae Kwon Do Champ and blogger had picked up on the show, and had some strong opinions about it.

Sabrina, who can be found on twitter @RYUapparel kindly allowed us to reprint some of her email correspondence here:

From Sabrina Schmeck

I saw a promo video for CAGED about two weeks ago and was really impressed.

As a pig-tailed and bratty four year old, I began developing a love for mixed martial arts when my dad would rent old Pride/etc fights on VHS and we’d watch them all weekend.

At the risk of sounding heinously corny, it was love at first strike.

Martial arts, mixed martial arts and combat athletics are truly my passion, and to see a thoughtful and well-made documentary television show on a major media channel that shows the ins and outs of martial arts/fighting/etc — that’s honestly just mind-blowing and wonderful to me.

I am so very pleased that this sport is hitting the mainstream in a big way — as so many talented athletes have sacrificed so much to even scrape by simply to do something that they love and feel called toward.

Thank you so much for really fighting to get CAGED on air (pun intended) — the airing of this documentary series could have serious implications for the world of mixed martial arts, in a good way.

There is a side — a human struggle — that so many don’t understand or get to see — and I think this show will be an excellent way to really expose mainstream audiences to the struggles and sacrifices that these athletes and their loved ones undergo in the pursuit of excellence/success.


…to receive such an email, and hope this season of Caged really delivers for Sabrina, and you, too! Catch the full first episode of CAGED tonight at midnight on MTV after the Jersey Shore premiere, and then when it officially launches, Monday, January 9th at 10pm 9central on MTV.

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Catch Caged Mondays 10pm/9 central on MTV.