Filmmaking Success: Do You Have This Secret Weapon?

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What’s it take to make it in Hollywood?

A question we get nine times a day.

Turns out, the answer may lie in a post from Zen Master, psychotherapist, and Karate black-belt Mary Jaksch.

There is DEFINITELY Something About Mary…

We discovered Mary when we joined the A-List Blogger Club (yes, that’s a rare affiliate link we’re proudly promoting…check it out.)

She’s a firecracker of a woman, and if we had half her energy we’d own Hollywood by now.

While we were exploring her blog Goodlife Zen (one of many fueled by her writing) we found a mysterious post on developing a crucial ability you better have if you want to succeed in Hollywood.

What is it?

The ability to be productive.

Every Business is a Numbers Game

Think about it: sales men knock on a lot of doors to sell a vacuum cleaner.

Hollywood is no different. You have to pitch a lot of great projects to get just one of them off the ground (and yes, they ALL have to be great. Pitch a lousy project and you won’t be invited back for a second round.)

Planing to sell your one big idea to Hollywood and get rich?

It’s time for a new plan.

Only by consistently pitching high quality projects in great numbers can you begin to hope for Hollywood success.

In short, you have to be…

Productive Like a Ninja

Check out Mary’s post Zen and the Art of Ninja Productivity to find out:

  • how to stop self-doubts from killing your productivity
  • why everyone procrastinates – and why that’s okay
  • what an elastic wristband has to do with all of it

You’ll then be far more productive and ready to pitch a TV show to the two of us.

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What do you think? Did you like Mary’s post as much as we did? What are your Ninja productivity secrets? Let us know in the comments.