Easily Promote Your Kickstarter Project in the Real World with Redirects

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By now, you’ve all heard about our Kickstarter for an Oscar® campaign, and if you haven’t, you can learn more here.

Our Campaign to Give Back to You

Let’s face it…we all know that sometimes Kickstarter campaigns can tire everyone out.

Since we don’t believe in asking without giving, we’re working to provide something of real value every day we bug you to join our effort to fund our Academy Award® campaign.

So far we’ve given back some free motion graphics a tip on getting more FB likes for your own Kickstarter projects, and this post with the best blog posts we found, helping us earn $20,000 in just 48 hours, a benefit screening for Team Lucy, some behind the scenes drama as we decided to change our Kickstarter video, and our piece Facebook Ads for Filmmakers.

Today, we want to give back a super-secret tip to help you campaign in “the real world” and not just cyberspace.

Ugly Links!

When you’re tweeting or Facebooking your kickstarter link, it’s easy to copy this strange-looking code from Kickstarter and share it:


Try telling your friends to go there.

“Yeah, you want to hit HTTP colon forward slash forward slash K-C-K dot S-T forward slash R-7-R-D-Z-P. Did you get that?”

Time to Re-Direct!

Much easier to say:

“Just go to DyingToDoLetterman.com forward slash FUND.”

Try it, see what happens:

How’d We Do That?

You can google and find all kinds of ways to set up simple re-directs of web pages. Since we’re on wordpress, we used the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin.

Couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Create your page called “fund”
  2. Check “Make re-direct active”
  3. Check “Add rel=\”nofollow\”
  4. Enter your FULL Kickstarter link (not the short link) in the box the plugin adds.
    Select 302 Temporary for Type of Redirect. Done!

Page redirect

Promote It Everywhere!

Now we’ll be handing out flyers at all of our screenings that say:

Visit http://www.DyingToDoLetterman.com/fund Easy real world promotion of your Kickstarter Campaign!

Added Bonus…

It’s a redirect. You can change the link it points to at any time. So by promoting this link everywhere, when your campagin is over, you can just point the page to a new funding page. IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, PayPal, whatever. If people try the link long after your campaign is over, they can still fund you. Cool, right?

Hope your found this helpful…

Please help us by pledging to our Indie Oscar® Campaign, and sharing this link with all your friends:


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