Today’s Give Back: Benefit Screening for Team Lucy!

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Still Amazed

As you all know, last night we blew by our $37,000 goal after just 5 days and 5 hours.

Just before that incredible moment, we’d posted an update featuring a video sent in by Team Lucy.

What’s Team Lucy

Started by Shawna Weber for her spunky daughter Lucy, the team is put together to provide support for Lucy’s battle against leukemia.

Lucy’s also very clear on her own special dream — she wants to meet one of the Beatles! Anyone know Paul or Ringo? Put out the word.


Before we make this announcement, let us be very clear: Kickstarter has a “no charity” rule, which states that Kickstarter itself cannot be used to raise funds for charity.

We respect that rule, and want you to know that every dollar raised on Kickstarter will be used exactly as we express in our video — to put Steve’s story in more theaters across the country. Something we hope you’ll continue to fund.

That’s why we want to state as plainly as possible (so we don’t break Kickstarter’s rules and jeopardize the amazing campaign you’ve launched for us) that we are doing the following with our own money.

Benefit Screening for Team Lucy!

To celebrate the amazing gift you’ve all given us, we are donating a free screening of Dying to do Letterman to Team Lucy! All proceeds will go to Lucy and her family to help with medical bills, necessities, or hopefully even some fun toys or gifts for Lucy.

More Details to Come

Biagio’s sister Gina has just started working on details and we’ll have more to come soon.

Thank You For Supporting Us

We hope to do as much good as possible.

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