We’re Hiring! Needed: Los Angeles Based In House VFX Artist

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Do you consider yourself a story teller first and a VFX artist second? Then we’re looking for you.

Unique VFX Position with Tons of Variety

We have an upcoming television series that will include stylized, cinematic recreations.

Biagio personally did all the VFX in the pilot and is looking for someone to pick up where he left off, improving on what he did, taking all visuals to the next level.

This job requires a guerrilla, “get it done” approach as you’ll be creating many different kinds of shots (some from scratch) and taking them from beginning to end on your own.

The variety of material you’ll create should prove a rewarding and creative challenge, leaving you with a diverse range of new shots for your reel.

If you want to work side by side with the two of us on a brand new show airing later this summer on a major cable network, let’s talk…


Los Angeles based, you’ll be working out of our offices near Universal City.


It’s a 7 week gig, $2000 a week. The job is slated to start in late May.

This may be more appealing to someone earlier in their career (especially considering the wide range of shots you’ll be creating…you should get a whole new reel out of this job) but anyone willing to put story first, collaborate with the two of us, work hard, and have fun is welcome.

Button Pushers Beware

We’re not looking for a “button pusher” who needs to be told what to do and how to do it. Your input and brainstorms are not only welcome, they are mandatory.

Remember: story teller first, VFX artist second.

We’ll be collaborating with you to come up with unique VFX shots to help tell each story…and then we’ll turn it over to you. It’s on you to make the magic, and hopefully have fun along the way.

The Job

We’re throwing a lot at you! Just SOME of what you’ll be doing:

  • pulling keys and compositing green screen shots
  • creating stylized cg environments
  • creating 3d CG elements
  • camera mapping stills to 3d geometry
  • composing down and dirty matte paintings
  • tracking shots and adding CG elements
  • compositing final shots
  • occasionally running out with a digital still or video camera to pick up odds and ends for your shots.

If you can model, that’s a plus, but deadlines are tight so we’ll more than likely purchase off the shelf models for anything complex.

To sum up…when it comes to the show’s VFX, you’ll be doing everything.

We know first hand the job is demanding…as mentioned, Biagio did it all for the pilot. It’s a fun, tough gig but not impossible.


We’re providing Cinema 4d Studio with Net Render, After Effects CS6, Photoshop CS6, Syntheyes 2011, Turbulence FD, Video Copilot’s Element 3d, Magic Bullet Suite, Trapcode Suite, Poser Pro 2012. We ask that you stick to those packages as Biagio will likely help out on shots from time to time and these packages are his bread and butter.

If you’re an experienced 3d generalist in another package and willing to learn Cinema 4d we’d be happy to talk to you as well.

Final Shots: Good Enough is Great

This is not the kind of gig that’s going to be projected in an IMAX theater.

  • artistry is essential
  • moving quickly is essential
  • perfection is NOT essential.

Conveying story and mood is much more important than strict photorealism or pushing one pixel around the screen all day.

Sample Shots

Serious candidates will be provided a link with shots from the pilot to get a better idea of what we’re talking about and a formal interview will follow.

Follow the directions below and we’ll reach out to those we think might be a good fit.

Wait, Who are We Again?

If you’re in the VFX world, you probably don’t know much about us. We do mostly documentary and unscripted TV. But, you might have heard of this guy:

Yeah, we love Stu, too. We were born of the DV Rebel mentality. Hopefully that convinces you it’ll be a cool gig.


Please send an email with a short note, your resume, any references, and a link to your reel to:


Remember: This is an in-house, Los Angeles-based gig.

About Us

Joke and Biagio are married and make film and TV. Together they own and run Joke Productions, Inc.