Season 2 of Ghost Inside My Child – Tonight on LMN

We’re back with an all new season of Ghost Inside My Child tonight at 9pm, 8 Central on LMN. Not sure where to find LMN on your dial? Here you go:

TV Guide Listing for Ghost Inside My Child with where to find it on your cable provider.

From One of You

As we talked about on our last podcast episode, this show came from one of you, Suzanne Stratford in Cleveland, Ohio.

We’re so proud to have been able to get Suzanne her first producer credit, and working with her has been great.

Remember, if you’d like to team up with us and pitch us your show concepts, you can learn to pitch us reality TV shows and documentary series here.

And be sure to tune in tonight to season 2 of Ghost Inside My Child at 9pm, 8 central!

Now Hiring: Ultimate Entry Level Position for Reality TV

The position:

Los Angeles Based.

Assistant to company owners at Joke Productions, Inc. (Joke and Biagio.)

One year commitment.  

Possibility for promotion into other departments.  

Position is the ultimate producing bootcamp.  Great jumping off point for a career in development, production, or post production.

Ideal candidate should possess: 

  • legitimate interest in working in unscripted entertainment (reality TV, documentary series, doc specials and documentary features)
  • potential to grow into a “jack of all filmmaking trades.”
  • a passion for great storytelling and an eagerness to develop storytelling skills
  • ability to learn new skills quickly
  • desire to make every hour productive
  • pleasant personality
  • can-do attitude
  • punctuality

Mostly office based, some field work.  

Duties include general office tasks, coordinating development of projects as well as limited production and post production assignments.

Great Variety

A wide variety of responsibilities keeps the position both interesting and demanding. Day-to-day the job covers the gamut from answering phones, making coffee runs and maintaining gear to setting up and shooting simple interviews, logging footage, and tracking/updating the development slate.

Applicants must be familiar with or willing to learn:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Premiere/Photoshop
  • FileMaker Pro
  • Google Docs and Apps
  • Basic camera, lighting and sound equipment skills

Additionally, applicants should be willing to pick up entry-level skills from on-the-job training in:

  • Skype
  • WordPress
  • Social Media
  • New and evolving software programs

Motivated self-starters only.  Persons who need micromanaging need not apply.

Please email resume to: jobs AT jokeproductions DOT com

Sister Witches: Oxygen Announces Our New TV Project In Development


Believe in Magic?

Oxygen has announced SISTER WITCHES, a new show we have in development with the network. While we can’t say more than what’s in the press release, we CAN tell you we’re super excited about the show.

ALSO, the show came from two of YOU. Intrigued? Learn how to pitch us your shows at Producing Unscripted.

Press Release:

Sister Witches (Working Title)

Set in Bethlehem, Pa., “Sister Witches” follows the lives of three unique sisters facing their 20s head on as they learn to harness their powers as witches and find their own way. Along with their larger-than-life mother, the sisters run the family business, a witchcraft and magic shop, where they help clients solve everyday problems including career, love and health using secrets spells, ancient rituals and magical potions. Even though they are invested in the shop, they struggle to balance their “mainstream” lives — Meghan, 24, is an occupational therapist in a trauma center; Sammi, 22, runs a successful jewelry line; and Jill, 20, is in college. Confronting adulthood is not easy, even if you are a witch, and these young women are on a journey of self-discovery with the help of their sisters and some magic.

Produced by Joke Productions with Biagio Messina and Joke Fincioen serving as executive producers.

The Hollywood Reporter covers Sister Witches
Variety on Sister Witches
The Wrap on Sister Witches

Did My Idea Get Stolen? Focus on This Instead…

There’s a great guest post on John August’s blog called When You Think Someone Stole Your Idea.

Written by aspiring screenwriter Randall Girdner, it explores those sickening thoughts most of us have had at some point:

  • Did someone steal my idea?
  • Will someone steal my idea?

The post is an honest exploration of Randall’s situation, and includes a reply from John that is dead on in it’s accuracy and wisdom.

Ideas are Just That — Ideas

As most of you know, our main business is producing documentary and unscripted television.

We even set up a way for people to pitch reality TV, unscripted, and documentary concepts to us, and have 23 episodes and counting of a podcast dedicated to helping people do just that.

And a recurring theme in our podcast is … ideas are not enough.

One big idea is not enough.

A great idea is not enough.

Especially in unscripted television, where there is no script (at least, in the kind we make) — ideas are almost meaningless.

A Better Way to Protect Yourself

But there is a much better way to protect yourself than registering an idea or signing up for some online blah-blah whatever someone’s trying to sell you to protect your work today (in our humble, and certainly not legal, opinion.)

In fact, one way that trumps everything else.

It’s hard, and it takes a while, but it works.

Make yourself valuable.

What are we talking about? We discuss it all here, in episode 2 of our podcast:

Why Ideas Aren’t Enough.

Check it out when you get a sec, and start figuring our how to make yourself more valuable than any single idea.

Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne New Photos, Video, and Press Release


It’s been an exciting week! We’ve finally been able to tell the world that our new show Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne will be premiering on A&E on Monday, January 13, at 10pm.

The press coverage has been kind of awesome, from the official Variety press coverage:

Continue Reading…

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