Featured Kickstarter Project from David P. Baker

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We have a special place in our heart for wild, ambitious indies.

People like David P. Baker, a fiery filmmaker from Scotland who lives his indie lifestyle with a reckless abandon that leaves us slack-jawed.

More than that, David is fiercely loyal to the indie filmmaking community.

In fact, we didn’t even realize he was running his Kickstarter campaign, because he was too busy tweeting out our new podcast about making unscripted television.

In the process of thanking him we realized he has launched one of the most crazily ambitious Kickstarter campaigns we’ve ever heard of:

Shoot-Post-Release a Film Every Month!

How can you not root for a guy trying to do that?

Long Time Fans

We got to know David back in 2009 when we ran this three part series of interviews on making and distributing films from his POV:

David is the kind of guy Kickstarter was invented for, and that’s why we happily backed his latest project. You can do the same at his Kickstarter page.