Our New TV Special: The Ghost Inside My Child

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Set your DVRs! Out latest TV special is THE GHOST INSIDE MY CHILD, premiering Friday, November 23, at 10pm 9 central on BIO (The Biography Channel.)

It’s about children who have unexplainable memories of dying in a past life.

As new parents ourselves, we were both fascinated and a little terrified of the subject matter.

Rather than approaching the show from the angle of “is this a real phenomenon” or adding a skeptic to investigate, we took THE GHOST INSIDE MY CHILD from the POV of the parents.

Think about it: What would you do if your child told you they missed their “other mom” from a past life? Or remembered intricate details of dying in plane crash in World War II that, upon researching, you learned to be absolutely true?

Have a peak at BIO’s promo for THE GHOST INSIDE MY CHILD, and be sure to tune in Friday night or set your DVRs!

By the way, this show idea was pitched to us by ONE OF YOU…an aspiring producer named Suzanne Stratford. She receives her first TV producer credit on this show.

Will our next show be with you? Learn how to pitch your unscripted TV ideas and reality shows to us.