We Want to Make a TV Show with You

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Our agents said “you’re crazy.”

Friends said, “don’t do it.”

The lawyer said, “I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you must…”

Well, We Must…

When we wanted to break in to Hollywood, no one would take our calls. We had:

  • great video pitches
  • unique ideas
  • the determination to succeed

It wasn’t enough. We still needed to convince production companies to meet with us and consider teaming up.

For most aspiring filmmakers and TV producers today, that’s still the case. People won’t take your calls.

Starting Now, We’re Taking Your Calls

We’ve decided to try an experiment.

If you have:

  • A terrific idea for a documentary series or reality TV show
  • Some preliminary video shot featuring interesting characters or proving unique access to an exciting world
  • A succinct write-up describing the show…

We will make ourselves available to hear your pitch.

For a 10,000 word ebook on what we’re doing, check out How to Pitch a Reality Show.

Depending on your level of experience and skill set, and if we think we can help you sell the series, we will team up with you to try to produce your show.

You’ll get:

  • A producer credit
  • Paid to do real work on the show
  • Or paid a small finders fee per episode if you are unable to work on the show.

The Catch?

There’s a few catches, but we think you’ll find them perfectly acceptable…we did, because we went through the same things when we broke in.

  1. You have to have a great write-up and at least some kind of tape before we can begin a conversation. An idea alone is NOT enough.
  2. You have to sign a submission agreement
  3. You have to be aware that we’re already developing many, many projects and may have something similar in development already.

Finally, you have to join our brand new mailing list. We’ll be sending you:

  • Tips, tricks, and ideas on building your career in both film and TV — useful whether or not you want to pitch to us
  • Immediate news about the kinds of shows we’re looking for at any given time…so you’ll instantly know if we catch wind of a network looking for a certain kind of character or show.
    • Much more to come on this topic. Hope we get to work together soon!

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