Welcome to Undeadwood

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Biagio is off editing our documentary Dying to do Letterman, and has entrusted me with the reigns to this week’s Scream Queens behind-the-scenes post.

Allow me to channel my inner-Biagio…


When we start developing a season of Scream Queens, we know there will be an episode that deals with the campy side of horror. Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves…it’s all too much fun NOT to include.

Plus, the chance to make a fake movie trailer for a campy movie in just one day is one exhilarating challenge. It gets everyone, from the cast to the crew excited. It’s the day that’s the most work, yet the most rewarding. [Read more…]

Horror Superstar Debbie Rochon Schools Our Scream Queens

SQ2 Debbie-Rochon-Jaime-King .jpegDebbie Rochon joins Jaime King on Scream Queens

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Being true to the horror genre is something we’ve worked very hard to do in every episode of Scream Queens. So you can imagine our hootin’ and hollerin’ when we learned one of the ultimate Scream Queens, Debbie Rochon, agreed to appear on our show, in an episode about “The Sexy Side of Horror.”

Welcome to Episode 4 of Scream Queens

Let’s get right down to it: this week’s challenge featured an amazing guest star, and offered a big-time prize. Debbie Rochon, named Scream Queen of the Decade, showed up to judge our ladies in a challenge with real-world stakes. It would be a photo shoot recreating classic horror archetypes. The prize? A photo spread in Fangoria Magazine! [Read more…]

Sneak Peek of Biagio’s Giant Snake


This is harder than it looks.

As you’ve seen in the teasers, on this coming episode of Scream Queens our ladies are dancing with a giant snake…the same snake that graced the shoulders of Britney Spears.

That didn’t make it any less scary.

Biagio-Messina-Handles-A-Giant-Snake-On-Scream-Queens-Set-Sitting.jpg“Well, this is different.”

This is the day of the challenge, and we’re in the back room of a strip joint, trying to figure out how the girls will be able to dance with, and gracefully remove, a fifty-pound albino boa constrictor. As you can see from the below video, this is rather…um…complicated. Helping out is our creature wrangler Chris Giacoletti (also responsible for the 10,000 maggots we had on episode 3 of Scream Queens.)

You Want Your Actors to do What?

We always say we wouldn’t make the cast do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves, so it was time for me to put my money where my mouth was.

Here’s me being the guinea pig. Yes, I’m scared out of my mind.

Major props to all of our ladies, and director Tim Sullivan, for bravely tackling the challenge.

Thanks to Elyssa Williams for the flip-camerawork and her hilarious commentary.

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Avatar and Maggots: Together At Last On Scream Queens

When you’re making a TV show, there are days when every single thing goes totally wrong.

But sometimes, you get exactly what you want.

Welcome to Episode 3 of Scream Queens

After wanting to scratch our eyeballs out and die in pain rather than spend one more millisecond on episode 2 of Scream Queens, I was pretty much convinced our season was cursed. Turns out, only episode 2 was cursed (that was more than enough!)

Still, episode three was going to present a lot of challenges. What else would you expect when you’re working with the guys from Avatar and 10,000 maggots in the same hour of TV?
[Read more…]

Tim Sullivan: Scream Queens Judge and Director

While we’re putting together our behind-the-scenes post for episode 3 of Scream Queens, we thought we’d tide you over with this piece we put together on our season 2 Director and Judge Tim Sullivan. Enjoy!

Our full tell-all, true confession, no BS story on episode three of Scream Queens is just around the corner, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, swing by our Facebook Page, or Subscribe via RSS to get all the latest!