14 Blog Posts That Helped Us Launch Our Kickstarter Campaign

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By now, you’ve all heard about our Kickstarter for an Oscar® campaign, and if you haven’t, you can learn more here.

Our Campaign to Give Back to You

Let’s face it…we all know that sometimes Kickstarter campaigns can tire your friends and family out.

Since we don’t believe in asking without giving, we’re working to provide something of real value every day we bug you to join our effort to fund our Academy Award® campaign.

So far we’ve given back some free motion graphics and a tip on getting more FB likes for your own Kickstarter projects.

Today, we may be giving you $20,000.

Today’s Give-Back

Well, as you’ve seen, we raised over $20,000 in 48 hours! And now we’re up to 61% of our goal.

So we thought we’d share the blog posts we studied along the way that gave us such a great start. We read and re-read these posts, and it seems that the advice is worth at least five figures.

  1. SheriCandler.com

    Sheri Candler is a wealth of knowledge of all things Indie film marketing and distributing. Her whole site is awesome, but be sure to check out these two posts:

    Top 5 Ways to Fail at Crowdfunding

    Insights from a Crowd-Funding Campaign: Between Us

  2. Kickstarter’s Blog

    Kickstarter itself has some very useful blog posts. Here’s a few we paid particular attention to:

    How an Indie Musician made 19k in 10 Hours Using Twitter

    Selling the Project

    The Importance of Video

    Lessons from a Floundering Kickstarter Project

    Success Story: Jens Pulver | Driven

  3. Vanadia.com

    10 Tips for Kickstarter Success

  4. Rooftopfilms.com

    10 Crowd-Funding Tips from Kickstarter Filmmakers

  5. JustinKownacki.com

  6. 10 Tips for Funding a Kickstarter Project

    Justin also recently launched the new site CrowdFunding Help.

  7. John August’s Blog

    Raising Movie Funds on Kickstarter

    Great post, also where we discovered this one in the comments:

  8. Chip Street

    Crowdfunding — Think Like a Marketer and Increase Conversions

  9. Ted Hope / indieWIRE
  10. This amazing series on Ted Hope’s indieWIRE blog from Jennifer Fox, who raised six figures for her movie:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

How’s it all Going?

Well, we’re proud to have had a terrific launch, and now there’s a post from Chip Street that dissects our campaign:

Will A Great Kickstarter Campaign Take This Doc To The Oscars?

Not There Yet

While we’re off to a great start, we need your help to bring this home.

If you haven’t already, please pledge to our project. As little as one dollar will get you a comedy mp3, and $50 and above includes a personalized I’M DYING TO button hand-written by Steve, and a copy of the special edition DVD with tons of extras.

You can pledge here.

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