The Truth About Your Big Idea In Hollywood

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Did you move to L.A. with your ONE BIG IDEA? The screenplay that would make you famous? To pitch a reality show and get rich? Are you somewhere in Middle America right now with an idea so hot you’d risk life and limb just to share it with anyone on the West Coast?

Okay, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is your chances of breaking in to Hollywood just increased exponentially by reading this post! The bad news is…

Your One Big Idea is Not Enough.

Like many businesses, selling product in Hollywood is a numbers game. The numbers say you need heaps of ideas, so you can pitch loads of projects, to sell just one. The numbers also say that the chances someone will sell their one and only idea are slim to none (and as my Dad used to say, Slim just left town!)

Lots of Ideas are not Enough

You can have a million ideas. They’re useless unless they’re great ideas. Are they fresh? Current? Unique? Develop a better sense of how great ideas lead to projects sold by watching TV, going to the movies, and abusing your Netflix account.

Great Ideas Are Not Enough

Remember, even a basket full of ideas is useless if the ideas only live in your head. Having a lot of potential projects at any given time is important, but at some point you have to take action. That means you finish your screenplay, shoot your pilot, make you trailer…turn your idea into something concrete. (Be sure to subscribe for future articles on the best ways to pitch your ideas to Hollywood.)

The secret, to quote the legendary Dov S-S Simens, is to “have numerous projects in various stages of development.” Recognize when one of your projects is gaining traction, and push that project, screenplay, or show idea to the head of the line.

Does this mean you should give up on your passion project if it’s going nowhere? Absolutely not!

Play the Numbers While Keeping Your Passion Project Alive

If your ONE BIG IDEA is your passion project, never give up on it. Maybe you’ll sell it right away, maybe 20 years from now. With every passing moment, you’ll be honing your skills, expanding your creativity, and building your resume. Channel your passion into every project you create, and soon you’ll be so busy, so successful, and so good at what you do, that you just may find it’s easier to sell your big idea after all!